【中英文】乔布斯生父盼与子相见 喝杯咖啡就好

2022/8/11 11:49:17  发表于413天前

Steve Jobs' biological father has spoken about his yearning to meet his son before he dies and the regret he feels in giving him up for adoption.


Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian immigrant who now works as a vice-president at a casino in a Reno, Nevada, said he did not realise until a few years ago that the billionaire was the son he gave up for adoption more than 50 years ago.


He said he has emailed the former Apple CEO a few times but admitted that Syrian pride means he would never call him.


He said: 'This might sound strange, though, but I am not prepared, even if either of us was on our deathbeds, to pick up the phone to call him.


'Steve will have to do that, as the Syrian pride in me does not want him ever to think I am after his fortune.'


According to the New York Post, his ex-wife Joanne Simpson gave up the baby as her father did not approve of her marrying a Syrian. Mr Jandali said if it had been his choice he would have wanted to keep the baby.


Joanne moved to San Francisco from Wisconsin in 1955, had the baby alone and gave it up for adoption.


The Syrian immigrant, who has been described as a workaholic who is trying to avoid retirement at all costs, said he hoped his son would call him someday so the two could simply go for a cup of coffee.


He said: 'I'd be lying if I said it doesn’t sadden me to have not been part of my son’s incredible journey. What father wouldn’t think that? And I would think that even if he was not the head of a hugely successful company


'Now I just live in hope that, before it is too late, he will reach out to me, because even to have just one coffee with him just once would make me a very happy man.'http://www.24en.com 爱思英语网


Jobs, who has endured a much-publicised battle with cancer since 2004, has always been fiercely protective of his private life and little is known about the powerhouse behind the Apple brand.http://www.24en.com 爱思英语网


The stereotype of a cool New York sophisticate, he famously wears only black and has a minimalist philosophy so severe that friends recall visiting his mansion to find it virtually empty but for a picture of Einstein, a Tiffany lamp, a chair and a bed.


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